About Me

Muhhamad M. Raza

My name is Muhhamad, and I am a Cal Poly Pomona graduate of Master's in Mechanical Engineering (MSME). Some of my interests include swimming, driving, writing urdu poetry, music, movies, racing (formula 1 and Touring Car Racing), and especially reading engineering books. I love expanding my knowledge of the things that interest me, so for those who question it, that is why I read engineering books. In comparison novels seem a little boring to me. My point of view is that if I am interested in something and don't know anything about it, I will go and learn about it. I am a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to being able to be self sufficient when possible. I like to work on my car and have learned about that. I have learned many things from plumbing and electrical work, to laying tiles and doing drywalling. I like woodworking, but unfortunately my allergies don't permit me to do it as a hobby. I like to learn about the different tools at my disposal. After all each tool I learn to use is another one in my arsenal. So whether it is a power tool, programming language, some CAD software, or even learning how to develop a website in a software program that is new to me, I just keep adding resources to my arsenal.